A Zealous Patron.

Swords are generally associated with warriors who go into battle, not with writers who spend their lives in front of blank pages. Yet, we are familiar with the idiom, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”, and we have a saint who proved just that. Although he was never around when Jesus lived, one experience with the Risen Lord was sufficient to set his heart on fire for Him. A highly learned and influential man, he is accredited for having written more than half the books of the New Testament! We know that St. Paul evangelised in every way he could. Whether in prison or on a boat or at home, he preached, wrote and bore witness to Christ. When he couldn’t write, he praised. But whatever the situation, he never stopped proclaiming what Christ did for him. All this after experiencing the Lord once!


A patron of missionaries, evangelists, writers, journalists, authors, public workers, rope, saddle makers and tent makers. And we also recognise him as the patron of Faith. Hope. Love. Movement.


It always wonderful to have someone to pray for you. It’s better when it is a saint, and it is the best when that saint was the one to influence so many ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things throughout history! So, in all things ‘Faith, Hope and Love’, we ask this zealous saint for his constant intercession.

St. Paul, pray for us!

Looking to follow the lives of more saints? Check out Saints Speak.

(Source of all images in this post is Wikimedia)

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