A Double Life.

There are days when attendance in church is easy. Prayers flow freely. Relationships are not strained. Days in office tick without effort. Things seem great. You say to yourself I’m good. My faith is good. My life is good.

And then there are days where you fall short. It gets worse knowing you are the cause of the problem. You say things you don’t mean. Make mistakes. Your world comes crashing down. ‘I thought I was a good person but where did that come from? Why did I just lash out? Why did I take revenge?’

Sin is a calamity. It wrecks havoc like a volcano or an earthquake. It breaks relationships. Aborts the wonderful plans we were meant to see to fruition. Repenting and making restitution for the damage still does not solve the problem. In such moments one can only wait in the valley, believe and seek Christ because where Sin runs deep Grace runs deeper still.

Even when words do not console, theology fails, consolations do not suffice.

Are you a person who believes that you are responsible for the state you are currently in? Have you made a mistake and wish to make amends?
Then wait for the Lord.

Switch off your mind. Open your heart. Forgive all wrongs and let go. Forgive yourself and remain with Him. ‘Stay with us Lord for it is already evening‘ (Luke 24:29), this was the prayer of the disciples in Emmaus. Evening moments in our life are scary, especially when you know that a dark night lies ahead. But when you have Jesus with you it does not matter if it is night or day.

Remain in the valley… but remain with Jesus..


“Stay with me Lord, it is already evening. I do not know what the night holds but I do know the sun shall not harm me by day nor the moon by night. Even if darkness shall cover the earth you will arise upon me and your glory will be seen.”

The valley experience isn’t about who we are.
We are all sinners. The world knows that. God knows that too.

The valley experience is about who God is and He will not allow His Holy One to see corruption.

Author: Maria Isabel

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