From the Ashes.

Have you ever been to a funeral? Recently I was singing for a funeral. I gave it my all and sang as sweetly as I could and suddenly¬† I thought to myself, ‘No matter how much or how well I sing, the person who I’m singing for cannot hear it!’ How ironic! That’s the irony of a funeral. Everyone in the room knows the person is dead except the one sleeping in the coffin.

Life throws challenges at us. These challenges often end up killing parts of our personalities. Tasks which come easily to others may be an uphill task for the rest of us, not because of our attitudes but because of these inner wounds we carry.

A person wounded by past relationships is afraid to trust and love again. A child wounded by controlling parents is unable to excel at her workplace because she refuses to trust her boss. The sudden death of a dear one leaves a void and makes one live with the fear of losing loved ones hence shutting him off from friends and family. Another person is closed to enjoying the joy that comes from daily moments because she was trained to focus only on the future, thus making her face look like the mother of all sorrows! The examples may be different but the story and the result is the same. We die and decay while we’re still alive. Contrary to what we might want to be, many of us are like walking tombs carrying death within us.


What then is the solution to this brokenness that prevails? No matter how educated a doctor is he cannot fix a broken watch. That my friend is a job for the watchmaker. When people try to fix things in your life it often ends up worse than before!

Your maker knows what is dead inside you. As you read this you may not even know you carry certain wounds within yourself. I ask you to sit with Him in silence and say ‘Lord, make me whole once again. Restore me and make me whole.’ Cry out and pray, and before you know it you will be as good as new!

I have loved you with an everlasting love,
Once again I will rebuild you and you shall be rebuilt

-Jeremiah 31:3-4

Author: Maria Isabel

An engineer by profession, Maria has been a witness of Lord for more than a decade now. She is zealous in her work, just as she is in worship. She is a gifted musician and also a keen writer who is passionate about the youth and is a part of the YOUCAT team. A fan of the Pope, she is humbled to have ‘met him only five times’.

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