Checked in yet?

Psalm 34:8-“Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him”

Have we tasted the goodness of The Lord Almighty?

When we are traveling with luggage by flight we usually check it in leaving us with just our hand luggage so we are like free birds till we reach our destination. And then we need to stand around the belt and try to recognize our luggage careful not to bring home someone else’s. We also tie ribbons or some identification for us to recognize our bags at times. Don’t we? Familiar with this scenario?

Well that’s what we do when we travel. The funny story is, we carry all our hurt, guilt, fear and burdens of our past with us, everyday, 24/7! We don’t pass the check in counter and so we just have to carry it around . For instance I had this major fear of rain because of a mini tiny flood I was stuck in and ever since, rain always brings fear into my mind.

And so here’s the good news for you and me – we have a loving Father who is waiting for us to have our fears and doubts and worries checked in. The even better news is that there are no charges for excess baggage!

So let’s taste and see that the Lord is good and abide in Him and Let Go and LET GOD.

Lord, I’m handing over my thoughts, feelings, Monday blues, everything to you. Give me the strength to get through this day. Amen.

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