My Understanding

Proverbs 3:5- Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Do we compartmentalize our thoughts or does it all go into the “procrastination” box to be processed later?

Don’t we usually come up with our own understanding of things that happen in our life?

Do we always end up assuming that since we feel that since we fell sick this might not be God’s will and since that path was filled with thorns it might have not been my path .

Let me take you on a tour. There is a stream of water that flows from our land back home in the weirdest possible path through our neighbors land and then into a river. I have always wondered why couldn’t it just be a straight line of the body of water? And why do roads need so many turnings and curves? It just makes driving for a beginner a little too difficult to learn.

So what we don’t realize here is the streams of water actually gets filtered through the multiple paths that it flows and the good filtered water without the mud and the dirt and the waste flows into the final destination – the river. And if not for the turns on the road, how would we reach home and how else would the beginner driver be prepared for unexpected turns on their way?

A lot of things that happen in our life may not have answers that can be understood by us or a clear explanation as to why that is happening. It’s like that when an architect builds a house. We may not understand what his plans are and we just see meaningless structures coming up and our money just flowing out but towards the end when the house is finally done, we may be taken in by surprise by the view.

It is time for us to trust our maker and let him work on our lives because His plans are way beyond our understanding.

Lord, You know by needs and wants. If it’s your will grant them to me, and until then help me hold on to faith and stay stronger and get closer to you. Amen

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