A Tear Stained Letter – 2

Dear Max,

I thought of dropping another letter. Hope you and Rachel are good. Convey my love to the kids. What’s new? How is your business going? When we met last time, you told me that you were planning to go for a vacation in summer. How did that go? I have a few vouchers for some of the finest vacation spots. Let me know and we can plan something together with families. It has been a long time since I saw Rachel, Mark and Daisy! Dana also sends her regards and a big hug for Rachel and the kids!

Now before you think why I am writing you letters in the 21st century, let me clarify. I do own a smartphone. However, I have started to work on myself. I have been reading and listening on conscientiousness and time management. You might then question that won’t writing a physical letter take more time? No, I have learnt to manage time! I have greatly reduced the time I spend on my phone and social media. I use my phone for calls and use the internet only for 15-30 minutes each day. This has not only cleared my mind but has also helped me improve my relationship with my family. Dana likes it actually. I feel proud of myself. I feel confident that I will get better each day. I’ve stolen some moments from my spare time to write this letter. By the way, I have always nurtured a love for the vintage. I collect stamps, coins, boots, belts, hats and other miscellaneous things from antiquity, but I never imagined that writing letters with hands would be so much fun! Not that I respond to official emails also by handwritten letters! Don’t misunderstand me! Ha ha!

So, the last time I wrote the letter to you, I was in an emotional whirlpool and I puked out all my frustration on paper. Perhaps you have already sent me a response and I am eager to read it once it reaches my desk. However, about a week after I sent you the letter, I found an ad on the internet that read ‘Self-help resources’. So, I checked it, liked it, bought a few books on motivation, read them, made notes and got right with life. I feel stronger, well-grounded and settled! Now here is the point! The surprising thing is that I did not need God to do this! I just read the motivational book, followed some steps, stayed up late one night, penned down my thoughts and listed where I was in life and where I wanted to be. And here I am! All fixed and fine! A fighter! I did not get your response and the format of prayer so far, leave alone reading, or better say, praying from it. If I can help myself become a better human, and that too just by using some resources – why on Earth do I need God or the church or some faith from the dark ages?

Now here is what puzzles me! If God is as strong as my self-help books, then why do so many Christians appear to be weak, foolish and timid, even when they claim that their “God” is with them? They live contrary to what they claim so condescendingly. They waste their time, money, and lives talking, talking and talking about a guy in the sky, whom they cannot even see! Do you get my point? If He (or it) really exists then why doesn’t He change them or at least, point them to some resources that can save them from their primitiveness? I was expecting that your God will give me a flashy, thunderous vision! Instead, the World Wide Web came to my rescue! Let me also share another interesting incident that happened. Recently, I ended up debating with a Christian. You may not believe this, but I knew more of the Bible than him! All he had was chauvinistic and bigoted emotions for God. Hot air it was! Hot air and no substance! I walked away feeling victorious and thought that I had wasted that time. I could have used that time partying or gaming! Let us talk about the moral discrepancy in Christians. I had many Christian friends and so I know from their talks, what this Christian religion is all about. They say how they “always” get late for church, miss church meetings, make fun of the priest or pastor or whoever! Boy! You guys are pretty much just like us! Don’t forget gossiping! Most of the Christians have mastered the art of gossiping about their friends behind their back and acting like innocent doves when they’re around them! Such hypocrites! I would rather be honest and one-faced than be a two-faced serpent of a hypocrite! The difference between Christians and us is, that we do not flaunt about something that does not even exist, but you do.

My mother was a believer. Her over-kindness irritated me because people would come and take advantage of her and she would sit quietly like a lamb. My dad was an atheist, an alcoholic and a gambler. But he was rich and did well in his business, and was respected by his friends and society. I don’t get it! If God exists, then His presence is either not helping people because He is weak, or His presence is making their lives worse because he is evil. We are then left with the third alternative; that He doesn’t exist. Let’s face it, Max. I would rather be realistic and face life alone than be a grown-up kid who believes in fairy tales that come to his rescue. You are a smart guy, Max! Why would you waste your life over this illogical sham? Have you really tested this system of thought? Are you intellectually honest when you claim that an invisible boss of the universe exists and controls all the affairs of humankind? Is He not a tyrant then? Because no one can ever call Him out for the things He does! Can He do anything that seems okay to Him? I think even your Bible says that no one ever guides Him and He can do anything He pleases. For me, freedom is better than cringing before an imaginary tyrant who actually steals the fun out of life!

I hope that you will take my letter seriously and recheck your position! See, I love you! I am not trying to convert you! I am concerned that you are giving up on too much in this one short life. I wish we could sit and talk about this. My time is up. I need to go for my meditation and yoga class.

“Spread positivity and achieve anything by the law of attraction.”

Your Friend


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