The Destination called ‘Purpose’

Ever wondered what your purpose in life is? Perhaps it is a question that keeps you up at night!
I know I have pondered over that multiple times myself, and as a student of Philosophy, I’m surrounded by people who wonder the same. If that wasn’t enough, I read and study about the works of people who, over time, have encountered the same conundrum. The answer to this big mystery is merely in the journey of life.

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10 Things to Keep in Mind.

Like the ten commandments of Christian/Judaic faith, there are a things you always have to keep in mind while leading a life of faith. These new “commandments” we too need to remember when we consider evangelising. Continue reading “10 Things to Keep in Mind.”

A Double Life.

There are days when attendance in church is easy. Prayers flow freely. Relationships are not strained. Days in office tick without effort. Things seem great. You say to yourself I’m good. My faith is good. My life is good.

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Only Time will Tell.

A Time for Everything

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Life after Life Afterlife.

My name is Lazarus and I’m a believer of Christ. Continue reading “Life after Life Afterlife.”


The most majestic feature of a bird is its ability to fly. The way they challenge the clouds and soar, it is simply astounding. With each flap of the wing they are able to steer their way through the sky. You can say their bodies were built for it. That that is the purpose of their existence. Agreed not all birds can fly but that inability also makes them unique (like penguins and kiwis). Yet each bird is wonderfully created and delicately designed. Continue reading “Soar.”

Burnt Tea

I’m fond of tea. I believe it is my daily elixir. Like most addicts, I drink tea for every possible reason- when I’m happy or when I’m sad, when I’m tired or just to pass time. It’s hard to explain why I enjoy drinking tea so much because non tea drinkers would not get it. The taste for tea is acquired and over time, refined. Initially it was difficult. It was difficult to drink tea without milk or sugar, but the real taste of its flavors only comes when there are just two elements involved- hot water and the tea bag.

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Thank you for joining us!

We understand that it is not always easy to follow your faith, that is why we, at Faith. Hope. Love., want to help. Our posts are inspired by day-to-day activities that make faith and its practice easy and relate-able. Our daily reminders will help you to gently recall and remember the love with which you were first drawn to Jesus.

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Choco-Chip Cookie

The single most important difference between humans and animals is higher consciousness is that as humans, we are not only self-conscious, but we are aware of the fact that we are limited by time and space. We therefore value time and we regret it when we waste it. We celebrate birth as the beginning of new life and all the possibilities that could come about through them. Such a joy also entails expectations from that newborn baby. In contrast to the joy of new life, we grieve over death, because we know that we cannot cherish the loved ones we’ve lost anymore, in this world. Time, therefore, adds colossal value to the existing relations that we enjoy.

Sandwiched between birth and death are decades, years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. We spend most of this time eating, drinking, sleeping, dressing, travelling, working, etc. While all of these things can become wearisome with time, there is a gift given to us by God- to keep our hearts warm. That gift helps us to draw meaning and purpose in the little things of life. That gift is the gift of friendship. And along with true friendship comes love, empathy, and warmth. Without friendship, humans would die under the burden of monotony. Even the devil likes company and he has a lot of it. I think it was a great friend who said – “Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life.” I believe so!

I thank God from the bottom of my heart that He has given me a family of friends. I enjoy some of the best friends in the world. They not only add color and happiness to my life, but they show me my flaws in a constructive way. Proverbs 27:17 says that as iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. Friends are the mirrors in life. They show you who you are, without negatively judging you. A true friend will criticize you to your face but will also have your back in your absence. A true friend is the one who honestly rejoices in your victories and sticks close through the defeats. They know every ounce of you, but they love you with every ounce they have. Through the thick thin of life, friends become a safe haven.

Joseph Scriven, when he was in the lowest valley of his life, wrote one of the most loved hymns called- What a Friend we have in Jesus. And friend, He is! The world sees Jesus as the founder of a religion called Christianity but Christians see Him through a prism. Christ is not just one thing to us. He is our all in all, He is our everything. He is our God, High Priest, Redeemer, Lover, Savior, and very importantly, a Friend. In John 15:15, our Lord very lovingly tells His disciples- “I have called you friends.” In an age when the followers would serve their condescending Rabbis, Jesus called His disciples, friends. Not only did He call them friends, but He also showed it to them, to us, and to the whole world. He died for them who knew Him and for us who did not know Him! He died for His contemporaries who saw Him, touched Him and ate with Him. He died for us who did not even exist two millennia ago. Only a friend could do that. Joseph Scriven felt that warmth reaching out to Him during the 19th century. We feel that same warmth envelop us here in our own lifetime. There are millions of people who do not know that Jesus died for them, personally. Oh how I wish that they will know about this true friend!

Jesus is a friend of friends! I’ve tasted His friendship and I have seen Him walk with me through the annals of my short lifetime. I am sure that you too have experienced some form of goodness in your life. Give yourself a break from the buzz of life and thank the true friend for His love. But, don’t just stop there! Cherish and love the friends that He sent your way, as if to say, “You can’t see me so I sent you these friends, to show you my love.”

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

The Flickering Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Hope at times makes no sense, and we tell ourselves to not keep our hopes high so that we won’t be disappointed later, and I read one of my friends IG story asking “What does ‘This too shall pass’ mean anymore?” This is definitely one of the greatest testing time of our lives, we dread the news each day, I hate looking at my phone every morning for the fear of more “not so great news”, and I dread the times when the phone rings unexpectedly. Ironically, to our human eyes when we look for a justification for “This too shall pass”, all we see is more cases around us, or us coming into direct contact with a Covid positive unknowingly, or family members being tested, close ones and acquaintances dying, news of possible floods as if a pandemic wasn’t enough.. As if that wasn’t enough, of riots, explosions and plane crashes? All like an icing on the cake of 2020!

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A Little Thing Called Trust

Abraham was old when he had his only child. The child, he was fully aware, was a gift of the Almighty and Abe knew he had to live as if the child was loaned to him. He was grateful to even have the opportunity to be able to raise a child. Sarah and Abe had everything they needed, but always longed for a child. After all, a child is the only way you can leave a part of you behind. God told him that he will be the father of many nations, but it was a shame that he couldn’t even have a child of his own.

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A Tear Stained Letter-3 Max’s Response

Dear Eric,

            Thank you for your handwritten letters. They remind me of my childhood days when we used to read the letters from our grandparents at Christmas. I am pleased to read them. I like the idea of being productive by eliminating the distractions of social media! Kudos on your progress, man! Hope you, Dana, Steven, and Trevor are all good. I’m sorry about my delayed response to your letters. We were away for an early vacation and our phones and laptops were submitted.  

            With regard to your first letter, you have many genuine questions. All of those questions do not come from mood alteration. They are in fact existential questions which are quite sobering. Let me address all those questions now:

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A Tear Stained Letter – 2

Dear Max,

I thought of dropping another letter. Hope you and Rachel are good. Convey my love to the kids. What’s new? How is your business going? When we met last time, you told me that you were planning to go for a vacation in summer. How did that go? I have a few vouchers for some of the finest vacation spots. Let me know and we can plan something together with families. It has been a long time since I saw Rachel, Mark and Daisy! Dana also sends her regards and a big hug for Rachel and the kids!

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