To be Based on the Assumption!

John 20:29 – “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

My name causes a lot of stir among people. Some are surprised, some confused and others are indifferent to it when they hear it for the first time. A lot of people laugh and call me an ass, but hey! That’s still a part of my name. Others assume its meaning and the rest just call me an assumption. No matter the joke, the last man person to be affected is me. Why? Not only because I’m so used to it, but also because my name is unique.

The etymology of my name goes back to one significant event in the history of the Catholic Church. Apart from being one of the three people who was assumed into heaven, Mother Mary was also born without original sin. Yes, she was immaculate from the time of her conception. This gave her the grace to be able to say “yes” to the angel and become a conduit for our salvation. So what exactly gave her the grace to say yes even when she couldn’t see? Let’s me shed some light there.

But, fun fact, out of all humanity, Jesus was the only one who got to pick his mother!

  1. She was filled with grace
    It wasn’t just the angel that proclaimed it, just her cousin Elizabeth and her child- John who also recognised this fact. Mother Mary was radiant!
  2. She was full of charity
    Imagine discovering that you’re pregnant and then rushing to the hill country of Judah to help your cousin who is also with a child! Just when you thought she got it easy, she decided to make a move and help her cousin with her pregnancy.
  3. She was obedience to the word of God
    Even though her plans and God’s plans never always matched, she said yes to him over and over and over again.
  4. She loved beyond measure
    She was hurt, she was broken and her heart was even torn into a million pieces, but she still picked the pieces up and loved; loved beyond expectation. Loved beyond measure.
  5. She was sacrificial
    There was a lot of sacrifices Mary made from the time she said yes, till the time she was assumed into heaven. For three years her son was absent from home and she watched Him die, that alone required tremendous sacrifice.

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  1. She trusted
    Even when she couldn’t see, even when she couldn’t believe, she trusted. She submitted her plans, her life and she complete will to be in union with that of the Father. She trusted even when she couldn’t see.
  2. She persevered
    Try, try and try till you succeed, perhaps this was the motto of Mother Mary’s life. She is an exemplary model for everyone going through difficult times. For better or worse, she was married to the will of God.
  3. She endured
    It was not easy being the mother of God, there would’ve definitely been days where she wondered why she was chosen, but she stood true to her calling and understood her vocation well.
  4. She was persistent
    She never ever ever gave up. From the time of the annunciation, to the time of His birth.. from the time He was found in the temple even till the time she watched Him die on the cross. She persisted and pursued her faith.
  5. She prayed
    Not once, not twice, but always! It is hard to stay in constant communion with God, but she managed to do it all the time.