Has Jesus touched your life and made it wonderful? Join the fraternity of believers whose lives have been touched over centuries. Read the stories of how one word, one touch, one sight made their lives a whole lot better! This compilation of testimonies is as old as time itself. Here are our favourites.

  • Born partially blind, hear the story of how Bartimaeus received sight.
    From my Blind Side.
  • He tried to escape the will of God when everything was going wonderfully well, so God picked him up and put him right where he was appointed to be.
    You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide.
  • This happy go lucky lad lived life as if there was no tomorrow. He believed in everything Jesus said, but boy! He sure wasn’t ready for what was coming.
    Coming Soon

Time and again, the Lord has worked miracles over time just to show His people love and faithfulness. You can also experience the same life-changing miracles by just believing.


Hey! We all need someone to believe in. Have you tried Christ?