The most majestic feature of a bird is its ability to fly. The way they challenge the clouds and soar, it is simply astounding. With each flap of the wing they are able to steer their way through the sky. You can say their bodies were built for it. That that is the purpose of their existence. Agreed not all birds can fly but that inability also makes them unique (like penguins and kiwis). Yet each bird is wonderfully created and delicately designed.

Every morning birds set out, fly around to find food for themselves and their young ones. They take life as easily as it comes. They don’t worry about tomorrow simply because they live for today. They simply live for their purpose- flight. They also know their Creator and they trust Him with what they have. Trust that He will provide; provide enough for their tomorrow. Their life is as simple as that.

“Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

-Matthew 6:26

The Lord knows you are more personally than you can imagine. You are so valuable to Him that He created you in His own image and likeness. And like all creators, He knows your use better than anyone else around you. You are His most prized possession. Yes, you. He has called you by name and created you for a purpose. It is when you find this purpose and live for it that you will find immense peace; peace which the world cannot give.

Now everyone’s calling is different and special in its own way. Everyone’s journey to discovering their purpose is also unique. So how do you find this peace and it’s forerunner, your purpose? It’s quite simple. All you have to do is ask. In Jeremiah 33:3 we read, “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” Your purpose is unknown, so ask. Anytime you don’t know know the answers, just ask. It is really very easy to find answers. The hard part is the listening. The Spirit is actively talking to you. Most times you miss the sound of His voice because you are too busy living the life you imagined for yourself. Stop for a moment and imagine the fullness of life you could experience if you start living the purpose you were called for!
(Yep, it definitely goes beyond my imagination!)

Each of us are called and ordained for a purpose before the beginning of time. Each of us are given our own set of talents and our own set of flaws before we even had knowledge of them. Each of us are called to excel, to stand, to go beyond our situation, imagination and circumstance. Each of us are loved, unconditionally- truly, madly and deeply. Each of us are called to let go of the life we know, and just believe. Each and every one of us..

Now if the birds of the air can find great peace while challenging the clouds everyday, what is holding you back? Look through the eyes of the one who made you and you will live the life you were called to. So just let go and soar..!

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